Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Hellofidel: Hahahahs, hello you back!
I bought it at Forever21, and it's a top, not a dress. (:

Hey ya: Hey dear, i got the medium sized on at 174SGD?
Somewhere around there~

Missykerlynn: Hey babe, could you resent me?
I search my gmail but don've your pics leh.

Xueli: Hello classmate! :D

Hime: Hey dear, I bought it thru a spree,
The organizer ordered via an agent from japan.

Hi: Hey dear, Yeah i thought so too!
Until daphy brought me there,
And the supermarket and food area is at B1!

Dropby: Hahahas, thanks alot!
But my hair very flat when it's straight leh.
Can't stand flat hair. :x

Hime: I don't get paid for blogging,
Just when nuffnang gives me advertisments on my blog,
As long as i get alot of clicks per day i get paid.

Bao: Hahahahas! How do you draw a pancake
when the pancake itself is round? :x
draw doremon lah. Heheh.
Hahahas, thank you! Sometimes when i lazy,
also don't bother to style hair to school already.

.: Hello back bimbo, You're so rude.
Please use your brain,
Am i even obligated to reply your email?
So many girls email me everyday to ask about
modelling and where i buy my loots,
you think i must reply every single one?

Heyo reeeeeaders,
I'm so sorry i've been dragging to blog this post forever.
I'm feeling daaaaamn lerthargic recently.

Went to watch Formula Drift last week
The weather is totally fucked man!

And should know by now, I hate hate hate the sun.
I can't stand heat for nuts.

Thank god my boy bought tics for Grandstand.
One ticket for 33SGD

If not, i'll def kill him, or i'll call a cab and go straight home!

Sooooo sunny, Can you imagine,
from the carpark walk to grandstand,
then grandstand walk back to carpark.
And i got totally tanned already?

And i applied sunblock for god's sake!
Feel like screaming when i went back
to my boy's home and saw my tanned body.
-.- Screaming my head off that's what i want!

Watch video, Watch video!
Part 2 videos would be up on my boy's blog.

Anyway, it's very nice!
And kinda funny, One of the singapore contestant,
He banged him front bumper off then,
dunno why he made a turn and banged another bumper off!
So it's like, front/back bumper all gone!

Then then 2 AE86, (Yes, the famous jay chou tofu car!)

LOL, one front bumper drop, one back bumper drop!
@#$%^&* Damn crazy man.

Pictures pictures!

So gay lah, He's wearing my shades and i'm wearing his!
Hahahahhas, gay shit.

It ended at like 4 plus - 5pm?
walked back to the carpark and we perspired like siao!

So i littered his car with all my wet tissues/tissues. :x

He was like, " Walao, you always degrade my car like that!"
LOL! stupid swifty.

Haven't been doing much lately,
School, slacking, baking, movies, boyf.
The works.

The other day, boyf's car battery suddenly went flat
when he was coming out to fetch me over for a movie.
Waited for so looooong!

Went mad and did something to my hair and
went into my camwhore madness mode.

Boyf & terry love this shot.
I really do not know why!

... looks like i'm wearing a wig. Hah.


Anyway, boyf picked me up,
Then we were lazy to go out so went back to
his place and watched PS: I love you.
Gosh, i cried like... )':

the other day my mummy run into my room
and asked me to come out and look at my mimao.

Goshhh, So cute right.
Lying on the teddy's lap, Both Mimao and Butter
didn't even move an inch when my camera
came so close to them. Really like statue!

My lovlies classmates!
I miss Sara~

Sara, Me and Priscilia.

A hell lot of my classmates thought
i'm mixed blood or something.
Argh, I'm not!

Went out with boyf yesterday,
Went to Suntec and bought some "props"
for our couple shoot tmr. Couple shoot!
I'm so damn excited. :D

Will def post them up when i get them!

Then we watched "Ironman"

It was really funny lah,
4stars for Ironman!

Then we went to Liang court,
bought somemore stuff for our shoot tmr!

I've got 1 week study break next week,
2 papers next next week,
and holiday for the next 3 weeks after exam week.
WTH, Very boring you know!

I'd rather go to school. -.-
Yay, i've afew paid shoots next week.
Ka-ching, Ka-ching! $

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves!

Saturday, April 26, 2008



i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Miss kerlynn: Aiyoh dear,
hahas how am i suppose to know who're you!

i receive so many girls email everyday. -.-"

My auntie: lol, hello my auntie, no feel to play majong leh~
got "feel" then tell you! Hahahahas!

Trixy: Hahahas, yes! long time no see,
And yah loh, the pizza very cute~
The place is damn cute luh, mickey chairs somemore. :D
awww, the heels very nice right, sold alrdy!

erm, F CUP?
F cup would look gross man, so scary! :x

Hazzie: Hahahas, erm i've done a couple of hair ads.
But the rest aren't for commercial purposes. (:

Nat: Hey dear~ I'm in schoooool. Hahahahas,
And i love my new friends! :D

Bao: Wahh, i think if i go into design,
i would totally DIE, my creativity is like, so darn limited.
Hahahahahas! Yeah i don't mind buying
designed tee if i like the designs!
Do show me your site once you're done yeah! (:

Lynna: Hey babe, of cos i rmb you! :D

I feel like i haven't blog for a thousand years.

Darling's bought tickets to watch the Formula Drift thingy tomorrow.

I hope it weather won't be too hoooooot!
Sunblock sunblock sunblock!
Else i'll be complaining and whining @ mr boyfriend
aaaaaaall day and driving him nuts!

I think it's taken like.. 2-3 weeks ago?

.... I think my brains are fried.
Yah, like totally man.

Yesterday after class this bunch of guys was talking to me,
And one of them was telling me,
"hey fidel, you remember me or not?
Yesterday you chat with me online yeah."

I was like, huh? Since when?
I thought i only talked to sebastian and eman?

I think and think and think until my eyes going to
pop out already i still don't recall myself talking to him!

And today, i keep pacing around my house and
wanna go and do things and take things yadda yadda.
But when i walk there, i totally forgot what i wanted to do!
No kidding man! GOSH! WHAT'S HAPPENING!

Last sunday at Liang Court, while waiting
for our katsu bento and japanese curry rice~

Hahahahas, after camwhoring with my churchmates
perspired like siao and feeling damn sticky,
so i bathed at boyf's house before we went to Liang Court.
So my hair is like totally unstyled and flat/straight!
Don't laaaaaaugh~

I need to dye my hair, I need to dye my hair
I need to dye my hair, I need to dye my haaaair!

I swear he's the best in making ugly faces. -.-
Even my ugly duckie face also cannot compare with his!

By the way, i'm selling this~
I bought it at kinokuniya, and finish reading it in one day!
So it's in perfect perfect condition.

Koizora - Sky of Love (Book 1)
I'm sure most of you have saw the movie
and cried like crazy over it yeah?
The book is even nicer!

Bought it at $16.58
Selling at: $12

I'm alright with meetups or postage.
Email me at if
you're interested or you've any enquiries! (:

And my chacott powder finally finally finally came loh!
I think it's quite good, no wonder it's raved in
japanese magazine and stuff!

It'd really a very big tub man, like my whole palm~
I think can use afew years. :x

I wore a victorian styled satin shirt with a vest
and black jeans to school yesterday,
And when felicia saw me she was like,
"wth, why you wear until so formal?
You got presentation ah?" Lol.

Sebastian gave us a ride to bishan and we had lunch there,
Saw something really really really obscene!

Gross! Sitting right opposite me somemore.
It's like her whole undies come out she dunno?!
I thought it was her camisole or whatever at 1st.
Then i realize, NO, it's her undies.

Went to eat Fish & Co with Nicholas and Felicia after school,
Not a fan of Fish & Co, so oily man!
And the stupid calamari really is horrible. -.-"
Didn't have anywhere to go, so we watch Run Papa Run.

Puff Puff Puff!

This morning, in the cab on my way to a
casting for an eye advertisment.

So bored at home, So i baked!
Like finally right, dunno how many thousand
years i didnt cook/bake anything already.
must have the, FEEL you know you know!

Hmmm... what am i doing?


Do you get it?

Do you get it now?

Rainbow cupcakes!

I love cupcakes!
They're so so so pretty to look at.
And this is so easy to make, except when i had to spread
the coloured batter layer by layer to make a nice stripe,
I spend so long doing it!

Before y'all start bugging me for the receipe!
Here you go~

Just received yet another shot from the
Siloso Beach Resort shoot with Alan.

Boyf is out with his singing class friends for dinner
and he bought me my favourite cinnamon bun
from my favourite bakery at Holland V!
Yuuuuum, i want it nooooow! *whines*

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008



i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Ker88: Hello babe, got my Miu Miu wallet at 640SGD. (:

Gervelle: 34c Hahahas, hmmm,
Yeah actually very stupid,
sometimes wanna buy clothes, etc, zip up the dress,
reach the boobs area cannot zip up! -.-"
So annoying eh.

Minn: Hey dear, Yeah at unicampus,
the one at dhoby ghaut is for undergrads.
Erm, if you've full N's also can get in,
best if you call them up and enquire!

Janicelim: Hello pretty! Shiok ah you,
can slaaaack for a long time already! LOL.
Thank you! I'm loving it tooooo~ :D

Shirley: LOL, shirley goh pei yun!
I haven't saw you in a thousand years can. ):
I miss you~

Spreelover: Nope, hahas too busy to organize!

Jane: Garett is leon's elder brother.

Yuling: LOL!
heard from fel you last min also never go?!
How come ah!

Sher: Hahahas, the heels sold already! :D

Anon198: Hello dear,
LOTS of people are asking me qns regarding modelling etc.
You can't expect me to remember what you've asked.

Daphy: Baaaaabe~ Liang court liang court! :D

Gal: Opposite alexandra road's Ikea.

Bao: Heheh, thanks for your compliment on the pictures!
Whoa, your course, learn so much stuff! o.0"
See until i blur, And i don't buying designed tees
if they're really nice! (:

G: Eh, you mean like a makeover?

Girl: Photographers introduced me to other photographers,
and thru recommandation from other photographers etc.

Steph: Thank you! :D
It's opposite alexandra road's Ikea!

It's opposite alexandra road's Ikea!

Hime: Hey babe, it's soooold!

Nadia & Mardiah: LOL! JUMBU WHAT JUMBU!
Stop laughing at me! Hahahahas!

Leon Darling: Awwwww, muuuacks! hehe

Gosh, Reply so many tags until i'm so tired! :x
Lol, So soooooooorry for the late update.

My super fucked up desktop lah! @#$%^&*
crash crash crash, then i've to go ask for a 2nd copy
of my pictures from all the photographers i shot before with.

Life's been blah blah normal since i'm like schooling everyday,
hate the time spent on travelling man.
Tomorrow's accounts & finance.
Damn it, i forgot to borrow book from library,
Tmr during lesson got nth to read! The hooooorrors!

Mr LKK too boring lah, yadda yadda yadda for 2.5hours.
I will dieeeeeeeeee listening to him.

The other day it was sebastian's 21st birthday and his
friends bought him a birthday cake and celebrated after lecture.
So nice right, i wish my friends will buy me a cake
and celebrate with me after class for my birthday also!
*hint hint* HAHAHAHAS!

And there was the using cake/cream-on-the-bdayboy-face thing.
And the phototaking, and the bashings.

Half the class:

Photos grabbed from dear Mardhiah's blog!

Okay, Enough of my school life!
Finally got the pictures from esther,
Mass group bikini shoot at east coast:

With esther, changing into bikini @ Mac's toilet.

Morning 1st session shoot~
Super, super super, fucking super fucking hot.

Staaaaarving! Had lunch at a japanese restaurant.

Salmon Don. Drooling, anybody?

And after 1.5hours of break, Continued shoot for another 2 hours.

Afternoon 2nd session~
much much much better and windy as
compared to the morning session!

After the shoot, went to the mac's handicap toilet
& washed up in there, So much sand! @#$%^&*
then darling picked me up and we went to get my miumiu!

By esther.

Last week, I-dunno-which-day,
Esther invited me to go to
Oosh's one year anniversary party with her.

Met up with pretty esther at paragon and
Dennis came to send us to the party~

In Dennis's BMW on out way to Oosh! :D
Btw, pictures are editted by esther~

Camwhoring in the toilet as usual, It's a girl thing!

We were like really really shy when we just reached the party.
So this guy, a director from some
company went to get us our 1st drink!
And well, we got comfy after awhile &went to get our food and all.

It's kinda scary luh, cos the crowd is really
like the directors of companies, all the biggie shot people.
It's like he introduced us to afew other guys, and all,
director of this company director of that company. =\

then we bumped into Agri and some other
people we met from agri's bday party~

So fun, took alot of pictures, chit chat,
drink drink, yadda yadda.
Vodka, tequila, rum. Yum

Lol, esther went crazy when she saw him.
HUA CHI esther! She's gonna kill me if she sees this. :x
he's some macdonald ad guy. Whooooo~

I dunno why my lips are so red!
I'm wearing transparent gloss loh. -.-
Too healthy or what? Lol.

He's like frigging RED CAN, LIKE REEEED.
hurhurhur, drink luh drink luh.
He's reaaaaally interesting luh.
he told us he've like 5 japanese ex-gfs. Wow.


Then i called a cab and went home at arnd 11?
Still got school the next day! o.0"

Hahahas, the other day after cellgroup in church.
We went crazy playing with vicson's mac camera.
So fun! So many effects!

we took like 100 over of these 4 shots thingy!

Went over to boyf's house after the crazy camwhoring
and bath cos i'm all sticky from all the phototaking!
Hahahahas, and we went out to eaaaaat~

and i whined and whined that i wanna have dinner @ Liang Court.
And as usual, he gave in to meeeeeee~
Wahahaha, And darling bought me my Fuji Apple!

Okay, i shall end this post here very abruptly.
I really need to sleep, or else cannot wake up tmr!
Damn it! School made me sleep deprived
& forced fidel to become super guai!

Sleeping at 12am is like super duper whooper early
for somemore like me who's used to sleeping at 4, 5am everyday.

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (: